The architecture firm was established by Michael Donalds on 2004. The business has gradually grown and today we take care of all types of large and small projects in sectors including segments of public buildings, residential, detail and urban planning, interior design, etc.
We work with precision and passion, and will assist you during the entire process – from the first sketches to a finished and functional end product.
We prefer to work and solve the problems together, this way we take advantage of each employee’s specific skills and experience.
In our multi-cultural working environment, we like very much to fuse together the Åland building tradition with modern functional solutions.


Architect, member of SAFA – Finland´s Architects Association

Born on Åland, Michael has a Master Builder’s degree from Vasa Tekniska Skola, a construction engineer degree from Vasa Tekniska Institut and an Architect degree from Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan in Stockholm. Michael is a member of SAFA – Finland’s Architects Association and has also worked outside of Åland.
On 2004 he concluded his service with Lund & Slaatto Arkitekter AS in Oslo, Norway and opened his own firm on Åland.
Michael has more than 30 years of study and work experience.

Mobile: +358 40 9640015
E-post: michael


Architect SAR/MSA

Born in Palermo (Italy). Following her graduation from the University of Palermo on 2000 Florinda has obtained her PhD on ”History of Architecture and Preservation of the Architectural Heritage” (2004).
In Italy, Florinda worked as an architect within renovation and interior design as well as a graphic designer for an architecture publisher.
In October 2011, Florinda moved to Åland. She joined the studio in February 2012 as an architect and interior designer.
Florinda has 20 years of studies and work experience.

Mobil: +358 40 0763016
E-post: florinda


Construction engineer

Born in Veroli (Italy) and graduated in construction engineering – architecture at the University of L´Aquila on 23 May 2020.
Interested in construction engineering and architecture, she arrived in Åland to start her experience at Donalds Architekter. She would like to work and learn a lot about a world other than where she has lived until now, especially in the architectural and engineering fields.

“ Thanks to Donalds Arkitekter, I´m sure to grow professionally and to know different architectural solutions and techniques. I think it is the curiosity allows to enrich our person: travel, observe, learn, design and then…realize! “